Business to Business Publicity

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Business to Business Publicity

Do you primarily market products or services directly to other businesses? If so, you need to master the art of generating business to business publicity. When distributing news releases about your company, you need to look beyond the types of media outlets that consumers utilize. While daily newspapers and radio stations do reach people who work for businesses, they're not the primary resources you need to use when targeting a "B2B" market.

When developing your publicity list, if you're marketing to business targets, think beyond the traditional media outlets. Focus on figuring out where can you distribute messages about your company that they're likely to be seen by the decision makers you need to target? It's a good idea to start out by making a list of industry specific associations and publications.

Most professional association chapters publish newsletters regularly, and there are often industry specific websites and magazines where you can submit news releases for consideration. Identify the right groups and publications, make contact to find out how to submit information, and work on developing appropriate strategy for submitting information about your company. This is a good starting point for developing a business oriented media list and generating the publicity you need.



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