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Introduce New Products with Press Releases

When you release a new product, one of the best ways to let people know about it is to issue a new product press releases. When writing a new product news release, keep in mind that you aren’t creating a sales-oriented brochure. The key to creating successful new product press releases is to stick to the facts.

Tell the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your new product. If you can answer the following questions, you can write a new product press release: Who is introducing the product? What is the product? Where is it being made and where will it be available? Why is the new product beneficial? How can people learn more about it?

Both consumer and trade media outlets are generally interested in new product press releases, and there are many online resources for posting new product press releases. If your new product is of an industrial nature, you’ll want to add to your press release distribution list.


Article Marketing for Online Publicity

One of the best ways to generate online publicity for yourself or your company is to write a series of informative and interesting articles for submission to web-based article marketing directories. The types of articles you write should provide readers with tips and suggestions that they'll find useful, and that support your objective of promoting your business and establishing yourself as an expert in your field.


Understanding the Value of Media Publicity

When your company receives positive publicity in the news media, the value is much greater than that of advertising in the same media outlet. That's because publicity carries with it the added value of third party endorsement. When you purchase an advertisement in the newspaper, consumers know that you had control over the content of the message. When you get editorial coverage, however, the situation is very different. It's not you, or a representative of your company saying good things about your organization. Instead, the reporter, who is assumed to be a neutral third party, is reporting positive things about your business. That's much more valuable than an ad! As a general rule of thumb, when calculating value, figure out what the same size advertisement would cost and multiply it by 2.5. That will give you an estimate of the "worth" of the publicity you received.


Business to Business Publicity

Do you primarily market products or services directly to other businesses? If so, you need to master the art of generating business to business publicity. When distributing news releases about your company, you need to look beyond the types of media outlets that consumers utilize. While daily newspapers and radio stations do reach people who work for businesses, they're not the primary resources you need to use when targeting a "B2B" market.

When developing your publicity list, if you're marketing to business targets, think beyond the traditional media outlets. Focus on figuring out where can you distribute messages about your company that they're likely to be seen by the decision makers you need to target? It's a good idea to start out by making a list of industry specific associations and publications.

Most professional association chapters publish newsletters regularly, and there are often industry specific websites and magazines where you can submit news releases for consideration. Identify the right groups and publications, make contact to find out how to submit information, and work on developing appropriate strategy for submitting information about your company. This is a good starting point for developing a business oriented media list and generating the publicity you need.


Sample New Hire Press Release

Want to generate publicity fo your business by sending a new hire press release to relevant local and trade media? Here's a sample new hire press release format:

Sample New Hire Press Release Content:

XYZ Corporation has hired Sue Anyone is Director of Employee Development.

Anyone has 10 years of experience in training and development in the healthcare and higher education. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology.

XYZ Corporation specializes in employee benefits administration, serving clients in SOME CITY, AZ. For more information see


Generate Publicity with New Hire Press Releases

Adding a new key employee to your staff, or promoting an employee to a new position is a great way to generate publicity for your organization and to let your employees know that they are valued members of the team. Remember that an important component of any effective public relations plan includes elements of employee relations, and most people love to see their names in print.

When you add a new employee, simply write a new hire press release and send it to the appropriate media outlets. Send a promotion news release whenever you promote someone from within. Many local and industry publications, such as newspapers, chamber of commerce publications, and trade magazines have special sections dedicated employee promotions and new hires. Many of the free news release newswires and posting services also accept new hire news releases.

Use a standard press release template to format your new hire releases. The content should be brief and to the point. It should mention the company, the new employees name and credentials, and the position for which he or she was hired. Additionally, it is a good idea to include the company’s website address to (a) make it easy for interested parties to find the company’s website and (b) to enhance search engine ranking by creating a backlink assuming the news release is posted online.

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